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Welcome to 90 days of delicious, nutritious, simplicity – Welcome to the Body by Vi Challenge! With over 150,000 people joining every month and over 18 million pounds lost, The Challenge has become the #1 Weight Loss and Fitness Challenge in North America! Recently partnering with the co-creator of The Biggest Loser to collaborate on the Challenge Showdown, ViSalus (the company who created Body by Vi) has disrupted the weight loss industry with a shake mix that tastes like cake mix as the core of The Body by Vi Challenge. If you’re looking to lose weight, there’s a Challenge Kit for that. If you’re looking to build lean muscle, there’s a Challenge Kit for that. If you’re looking to get your sexy back and fit into those skinny jeans again, there’s a Challenge Kit for that. If you’re just looking to get healthy and save some money on your monthly grocery bills, yep, you guessed it – there’s a Challenge Kit for THAT TOO!

The Body by Vi Challenge is about people like you and me transforming our bodies over the next 90 days by joining an entire community of positive reinforcement, accountability, sincere concern, and support like none other. Studies have shown that when a person has accountability partners in joining any diet, health, or weight loss program, their results increase by 60%+ JUST for having them as support. Now combine that with delicious tasting shakes that provide more nutrition than most people looking to lose weight or gain lean muscle probably see in a week, and you’ve got an explosive opportunity to reach whatever health goal you set out to achieve!

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UPDATE 1.5.13 | The NEW Body by Vi has Launched!!

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NEW Body by Vi Challenge | Guaranteed RESULTS!

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Project 10

Project 10 by ViSalus | $10,000 to 10 People EVERY Week in 2013

Did you know? Every second someone drinks a Vi-Shake. Every minute 12 people visit, 6 people Google “ViSalus”, and 1 new person “Likes” ViSalus on Facebook. Every 20 seconds someone joins the Body by Vi Challenge (Over 5,000 people join per day). Every 40 minutes someone qualifies for a new BMW bonus for promoting the Challenge (Over 10,000 people have already qualified) By ‘Referring 3′ 1 in 4 promoters is currently getting their Vi-Shakes for “FREE” (Over $3,000,000 in free products delivered to happy customers every month). Every day 3 new people get promoted to the level of Ambassador, a level on a pace to earn six figures a year for sharing The Challenge (Over 800 Ambassadors to date). It took 7 years to for ViSalus to welcome its’ 1 millionth new customer. The ViSalus Community has raised over 1,000,000 Vi shake meals for children and families in need.

The Body by Vi Challenge works because it’s SIMPLE! There is no strict diet program or eating regime you have to follow to lose weight, just a delicious Vi shake a day. There is no drill sergeant screaming at you to do more pushups and burpees to get fit, just a Vi shake a day. All you have to do is think about what you would like to accomplish in your next 90 days. Whether that’s a weight loss goal, a fitness and conditioning goal, or just a simple health goal to get your body the nutrition it needs to finally experience those energy levels you lost by eating those unhealthy options and packing on that extra weight. Once you set your weight loss, fitness or health goal, choose 1 of 5 ViSalus Body by Vi Challenge Kits that is specifically designed to support you in reaching it, and let the products do the rest! Because each Challenge Kit is centered around the DELICIOUS Vi Shake, we won’t be adding any additional cost to our budgets. All we’re doing is taking the money we’re currently spending on unhealthy options and putting it toward a less expensive, simpler, faster, and delicious Body by Vi Shake!

Simply choose the Challenge Kit below for more information, then click the “Buy Now” button to get started today!

The success stories I have heard so far are nothing short of amazing!

For those who really love promoting the Body by Vi Challenge and the awesome Vi Shakes, ViSalus even created a career path where people can earn spare time, part time, or full time income by simply sharing the ViSalus Body by Vi Challenge with others. Tell enough people about it, and we can even earn a new BMW – paid for by ViSalus! They have had over 6,000 people already qualify for their BMW Bonus, and right now are averaging a FREE BMW qualifier every 45 minutes! How fun would that be?
(If you are interested in how to make money PROMOTING The Challenge, CLICK HERE)

Most people who start the Body by Vi Challenge end up sharing it with others—kind of like I am doing right now! :) Saving money on your food bills is already a great deal for all, but it gets even better. They have a program called Refer 3 get your next month’s vi-shakes for Free! Simply refer 3 others to the same or greater Challenge Kit as you, and get your next Challenge Kit for free! Maintain 3, and your Challenge Kit is always FREE! Imagine that – ALLLLL of that nutrition and deliciousness for FREE!!! Who do you know, right now, that may want to lose a few pounds, go for serious weight loss, build some lean muscle, or maybe just focus on their overall health with you for 90 days? Who do you know that would LOVE the taste of these Vi-Shakes? I bet you know more than 3… so you can earn your shakes for FREE!

Let’s be real…In this economy, who wouldn’t want to save money on food, reach a personal health goal, make a little extra income helping other people get healthy, and get their car payment covered by ViSalus?


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Body by Vi Results!

Body by Vi Results “Struggling with weight issues most of our childhood and adult life, we found the Body by Vi Challenge gave us something we could focus on together 90 days at a time. After our first challenge, losing 70 pounds combined, we realized we were on the road to better health and set another goal for the next 90 days. That continued, challenge after challenge – 90 days at time. We have been able to transform our lives and now are in the best health ever! To date, we now have lost a combined 182 pounds and love setting goals both in health and fitness that we never thought possible. Commit to 90 days with us and it could change your life as well @ ~ Tony and Aly Belden – Body by Vi Champions

“ViSalus is a great company! Love the shakes. Have been working out for a while and hard to gain until I found VI! Taste GREAT, and has helped transform my body!!! Over 90 days I was able to go from 178lbs @ 14% body fat to 196lbs @ 6% body fat. Get started today on your Fitness Challenge @ ~ Rodney H.

May 2013, 191lbs, 7%body fat

May 2013, 191lbs, 7%body fat

July 2013, 196lbs, 6%body fat

July 2013, 196lbs, 6%body fat

Ok, I didn’t think I would have to do this to you, but you obviously are still looking for yet ANOTHER reason to Join The Challenge. Well, here it is.. The SECRET to the CRAZY VIRAL momentum you are probably seeing on Facebook about HOW GOOD these Body by Vi-SHAKES really are… The RECIPES!!!

Download the Recipe Book for the deliciousness that IS The Challenge HERE!

Ok, ok, really? you STILL want more info? How about I give you the phone number to call and listen to the Co-Founder of the Body by Vi Challenge and ViSalus Chief Marketing Officer, Blake Mallen, explain EXACTLY what the Challenge is and why this should be a no-brainer for people with brains :) Feel free to call 24 hours a day, seven days a week 507.726.3700. Once you connect the line and select English by pressing 1, Go ahead a select Option 2 to hear Blake Mallen. (Remember this number because it will come in very handy FOR YOU getting your Challenge Kit for Free!) Or, feel free to read the transcript of the call below:

“Thanks for calling the Body By Vi Line, I’m Co-Founder Blake Mallen and with over 100 Million shakes served, Millions of pounds lost, over 100 Thousand new people joining each month, and our recent featured stories in SUCCESS From Home Magazine, and our very own Challenge Magazine hitting news stands all over north America inquires have been off the charts! So we decided to set up this simple way to introduce ourselves and quickly fill you in on what the Body By Vi Challenge is all about.

Created By ViSalus Sciences the Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge is now the fastest growing weight loss and fitness challenge platform in the world today. It’s become a movement! Every second over 5 people are enjoying one of our amazing shakes. Every minuet 3 new people decide to go after their own personal 90 day health goal per the 90 body by vi challenge. The Challenge was created to fit a modern lifestyle. Your lifestyle! It’s real life friendly. Its simple. Its affordable. It’s effective and most importantly its fun! Every Challenge is unique! Its about transforming your body over the next 90 days, whatever that means to you. It all starts off with an individual goal. Nothing complicated, just a personal health goal set for you by you. Imagine what you could accomplish over the next 90 days! Whether you have a certain weight you’d love to reach, want to be more active, or it’s time to really get fit. ViSalus is Challenging YOU to make your health a priority for at least the next 90 Days. And to add a little extra motivation, we’re giving away over $47 MILLION dollars a year in free products, prizes and vacations to those with the best 90 day transformation!

The Challenge is attracting everyone from college students, and national gym chains, business executives to retired couples. Even professional athletes like Roy Jones Jr. 12 time world figure champion Jenny Lynn and entertainers like Hulk Hogan, Alfonso Ribiero, and Little Romeo are joining the Challenge every single day.

Here’s what a few former Body By Vi Champions have to say

“The first time I tasted the Shakes, I said oh man there’s something goin’ on here! This is the most energy I’ve felt in my whole lifetime” – Hulk Hogan

“I just thought, I’m gonna try this, like what have I got to lose, you know, weight? GREAT!” –

“I lost 35 pounds went from 36 waist down to a 32 waist and uh the good news is I’ve kept it off and it’s a year later now” –

“I am 80 pounds lighter, no longer a size 22, I am a size 4, and I feel GREAT!” –

Those are awesome success stories and whats even better is how many more stories are being created every single day! Maybe you’ll be the next one!

Most people end up sharing the Challenge with others, mostly because of their results, but there’s another reason too. It’s called the “Refer Three and Get your next Month FREE” program. All you do is refer 3 friends to the same or greater challenge kit as your own, and we’ll ship you your next kit for free! Thousands get their kit for free every month, plus studies have shown if you enroll in any weight loss or fitness program with 3 friends you already know the odds of you maintaining your results 10 months later go up 66% where vs 24% if you enroll in a program alone. And for those of you who love spreading the good word, we’ve even created a very generous rewards program for those interested in promoting the Challenge. Do it on your downtime, or full time, your income potential is totally up to you. And tell enough people about the Challenge and you could own your own BMW. Over 8000 people have already qualified for a BMW bonus through the challenge, and right now we’re averaging a new BMW qualifier every 45 minuets. Which model would you want to get behind the wheel of? In this economy, lets be real, who wouldn’t want to save money on their groceries, make some extra income helping people get healthy, and get their monthly car payment covered by ViSalus? Body By Vi would love to help you become one of the next great success stories. The opportunity is huge, and the freedom, even huger! And if your like us you believe in paying prosperity forward.

The Body By Vi Community is also helping give back through our community challenge. For anyone who donates meals to disadvantaged children, and ViSalus matches every donation. Since the launch of the program, we currently already have served over 1 MILLION meals.

So, what do you do now? Get with the person that referred you and ask them 2 things. First, what’s your website address? And then check out the few short videos on their site. Second, whens your next party? And see if they’ll invite you to an upcoming Challenge Party near you. This will give you the chance to try the products and meet some cool people. As you learn more you’ll realize that this Challenge is not as much about what you have to lose, but what you have to gain in the process. At the end of the day our mission is to impact peoples life, health and prosperity around the world and the more success stories we have the greater the impact we can make.

So, really the only question left is, are you up for the challenge?”

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